What Size Is a Netball?

what size is a netball

Whether you’re playing what size is a netball in your PE lessons, for fun with friends or training at the highest level, getting the right size netball is essential to ensure you can play the game well. Here at Designs & Lines, we’re proud to stock a wide range of high-quality netballs from leading UK brand Mitre, including the new launch defender which is an ideal option for senior club training and junior games.

What is the difference between a netball and a basketball?

Despite sharing some of the same core features, there are several key differences between netball and basketball. The most obvious is the netball ring, which stands at 3.05 meters above the ground rather than the more familiar basketball hoop. This means that netball is a much faster game than basketball, with players constantly having to be on the move.

The rules of the game also differ – there is no dribbling in netball and players are restricted to their assigned positions on the court. The team who scores the most goals during four 15-minute quarters wins the match.

The other major difference between the two sports is that netball can be played indoors or outdoors and a game can take place either in one large room or in smaller, enclosed courts. This makes netball a great choice for school gyms and classrooms, which don’t have the space to accommodate full-size basketball courts. In addition, there are even mini-netball goals available to provide children with a safe and fun way to get involved in the game.