What Is Shatter For Sale?

In the cannabis community, shatter for sale | GetGreen refers to a marijuana concentrate with high levels of THC, the psychoactive ingredient that gets users high. It’s a type of hash oil that is typically used by smoking, or dabbing, with a dab rig or other vaporizer.

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In order to produce shatter, producers extract cannabinoids and terpenes from raw Cannabis plant material using heat and a solvent, most often butane. Creating shatter requires an intense amount of processing and should only be done by professional cannabis extractors. Once the cannabinoids are extracted, the solvent is evaporated, and the resulting product has a glass-like consistency that can range in color from gold to amber. The name “shatter” derives from its ability to crack and break easily.

A gram of shatter usually contains between 80-90% THC. It can be consumed in many ways, but most people prefer to smoke it by applying a small amount of it to a dab nail and inhaling the vapor. Shatter can also be melted and infused into other products such as edibles.

Like any substance, shatter has the potential to cause addiction and dependency. Dependency can lead to cravings, a need for higher doses to feel the same effects, and in severe cases, withdrawal symptoms. Treatment for shatter addiction typically includes behavioral therapy and medical detoxification. For the most successful results, it’s important to use Shatter responsibly and at a safe dosage. If you or a loved one is suffering from Shatter addiction, get help now.