What Is BPSS and Why Is It Necessary?


BPSS is a government-standard background check for people who will have access to sensitive information. It’s a more in-depth process than the Basic Check and checks for criminal record, immigration status, employment history and financial history. Typically, BPSS is required for people who work closely with the government, as well as contractors and suppliers.

These individuals will often be in roles where they can overhear TOP SECRET information or access assets that are critical to national security. If these individuals were to be involved in a data breach or other criminal act the consequences would be huge. This is why these checks are essential for protecting business and public interests.

Ensuring Compliance and Confidence: Understanding the Process of Background Checks in the UK

Aside from the obvious criminal checks, a BPSS clearance also covers a candidates’ immigration status and their right to work in the UK. It also involves a full employment history which aims to identify any embellishments in CV or qualification details. This can be a difficult task, especially as it isn’t uncommon for applicants to provide false information on their application form.

Many organisations are starting to realise the importance of screening their contractors as rigorously as their employees, particularly when they have equal access to company assets and information. While this can be a time consuming process, it’s worth it for the protection of the organisation and its assets. Using a reputable BPSS service provider can help to speed up the process and ensure that your background checks are carried out to a high standard.