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Tramadol uk buyis a commonly prescribed opioid analgesic but it has also become a drug of misuse and is now being used more frequently than in the past. It is a controlled substance in the UK and has been linked to several deaths in Northern Ireland.

We conducted a search strategy in popular Internet search engines to identify websites selling prescription-only (POM) analgesics to the UK population. 96 websites were identified, of which forty-six (48%) sold POMs. Twenty-seven different analgesic products were available on these sites: seven opioids, two non-opioids and 18 NSAIDs. Thirty-five websites did not require a UK-based customer to possess a valid prescription.

Tramadol UK: A Comprehensive Guide to Buying and Using This Pain Medication

The results indicate that the availability of POMs on the internet is a substantial problem. A large number of people in the UK may be buying prescription-only medicines on the internet, without a genuine doctor’s prescription. Often these people are not being diagnosed by a health professional or a medical specialist, but may simply be describing their symptoms online and asking for advice.

In addition, purchasing analgesics on the internet could increase the risk of harm to patients. For example, if the wrong medicine is taken or too much is taken, it can cause serious side effects such as breathing difficulties, unconsciousness and even death. It is also important that patients know how to dispose of unwanted or unused medicines safely. This can be done by returning them to a pharmacy or by sending them back to the company from which they were bought.