The Best Way to Protect Against Phishing Attacks

which is a way to protect against phishing attacks

Despite the fact that cybersecurity experts have created sophisticated tools to prevent malware attacks, they can’t protect against everything. Phishing continues to be one of the most dangerous and effective black hat tactics available. It plays on our weaknesses, and it is what the 2022 DBIR reported as responsible for 82% of all breaches.

Which is a way to protect against phishing attacks best way to combat phishing is by strengthening online safety habits. These tips can be applied to both personal and business accounts. Avoid reusing passwords across multiple accounts, as attackers can take advantage of this by finding your credentials and using them to gain access to other accounts. It’s important to use strong, unique passwords for each account you have and to change them frequently.

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Keep browsers up to date; new patches are released all the time for popular browsers in response to security loopholes that phishers and hackers try to exploit. Also, be wary of pop-up windows that can disguise themselves as legitimate components of a website. Many browsers have features that automatically block these pop-ups; if they do appear, click the small “x” in the upper corner to close them.

It’s crucial to never click on unsolicited attachments in emails, even if they are from well-known organizations. A genuine company will never ask you to click on an attachment or download a file via email. A company’s real contact information will be on their website and will be easy to find. Lastly, always be suspicious of urgent messages such as “your account will be suspended” or any other message that tries to induce fear.