Open Fire Cooking Pot

Whether you’re a open fire cooking ¬†veteran or just starting out, the right open fire cooking pot can help you make the most of your campfire experience. Look for cookware made from stainless steel or anodized aluminum, as these materials can withstand higher heat levels than cast iron and are lighter than most other options. Also be sure to bring a pot holder or gloves to prevent burns when handling hot pans and utensils.

For pot¬† looking for an open fire cooking pot that’s as lightweight as possible, GSI offers this Glacier Minimalist set. Its small size and nesting design saves valuable space in your pack. This set includes a three liter pot, a lid that doubles as a frying pan and an insulated mug. It’s perfect for individual cooking needs like boiling water, preparing Ramen noodles or other single-serve meals, or for drinking hot beverages like coffee or tea.

From Flames to Flavor: Cooking Delights with an Open Fire Cooking Pot

This is a great set for preparing dinner over a campfire. The stainless steel handles hold up well to high heats, and the frying pan has a convenient handle on the side for easy gripping. It’s also a good choice for cooking breakfast burritos, making pancakes or eggs on a griddle, or grilling kabobs over the campfire. It may take a little practice to get used to cooking over an open fire, as it’s easy to burn yourself and your food can be sooty from burning coals. To avoid this, try using a paste of water and powdered soap to scrub the inside and outside of your cookware before putting it on the fire. This also helps keep the soot off of your hands when grabbing the pot and pans from the fire.