Mota, a Rhode Island Developer, Is Not So Financially Visionary

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When Manny Mota took over Skyline at Waterplace, a shimmering event venue with stunning city views, in 2016, he promised a new golden age. He’d build an amphitheater. Ornate Bellagio-style fountains. A glitzy restaurant. Walls of glass to show off the dazzling cityscape. And he’d create jobs and solve Rhode Island’s housing crisis along the way.

Mota’s company, Bayport International Holdings, has spent more than $1 million on the former Memorial Hospital property in Pawtucket. But, despite Mota’s lavish claims and outlandish marketing, he hasn’t closed the deal. And a Rhode Island Globe investigation shows that he’s also failed to deliver on many of his other promises. Mota, a longtime friend and confidant of the billionaire jewelry designer Alex and Ani CEO Giovanni Feroce, calls himself a “financial visionary.” But his financial acumen isn’t so hot. He’s fast-talking and elusive, and creditors say he often blows off court-ordered payment deadlines. His own lawyer tells him he should file for bankruptcy, but Mota insists that’s not his intention.