Massage Your Feet Using Foot Pressure Points

foot pressure points

In traditional Chinese medicine, your feet contain pressure points that correspond with various organs and body systems. Stimulating these points through massage, acupressure or reflexology is believed to promote healing and relieve pain and stress. Foot-specific reflexology involves locating and massaging specific points on the soles of your feet, and can be done at home with just a little bit of training. Find out more

Foot pressure points can be found in a variety of places on your feet, and are generally located where you feel pain or tension when you press down on them. The heel is one of the most common pressure point locations, and massaging this area can help with pain relief from plantar fasciitis. This pain relief is thought to occur through the release of endorphins and stimulation of larger nerve fibers that block pain perception.

Exploring Foot Pressure Points: Unlocking the Pathways to Relaxation and Healing

There is a large pressure point on the back of your foot, which is thought to connect to the entire spine. It is believed that pressing this point can relieve neck and shoulder pain, along with headaches. Another pressure point is located on the bottom of your foot, which is associated with the stomach and intestines. Locate this spot by identifying the small depression between your big toe and second toe, just below where the tendons meet. Manipulating this pressure point is known to ease menstrual cramps.