Getting Pests Off Your Home and Business in London

London is home to many different types of pests including cockroaches, mice, moths, wasps and bed bugs. These pests can cause serious damage to your home and your health if left unchecked.

Do most UK houses have mice?

The best way to ensure your home and business is free of these pests is to contact a professional pest control company. They can inspect your property to identify the infestation and provide a plan of action to get rid of them for good.

When Rats invade your property they can spread diseases and contaminate food. They can also damage pipes and floorboards, as well as dislodge roof tiles and destroy insulation.

They are a very common pest in many areas of London and can be difficult to deal with once they have established a foothold. They can be extremely noisy and can be hard to see, so it is important to call in a pest control company to help with your rodent infestation quickly and effectively.

Londoners Are Ripped Off by Bed Bugs

Although they were once largely eradicated, bed bugs are now making a comeback in London. These gnawing pests have travelled from their home in Europe to hotels, houses and cinemas all over the city.