EcoFlow Delta Pro Portable Power Station

ecoflow delta pro portable power station

Product Details

The ecoflow delta pro portable power station  portable power station is a serious, full-featured battery backup system that packs a lot of power in a small package. It is ideal for a large range of deployments and situations including off-grid camping trips, RV travel, emergency backup for the home, or just about any adventure where you need to bring a powerful solar generator with you!

It is designed to last a lifetime with frequent charge/discharge cycles.

The Delta pro has a new generation of LiFePO4 batteries which more than triple the duty cycle of older NCM batteries. It also has a battery monitoring system to monitor the charging and discharging of the batteries and guard against any malfunctions.

It can be charged from any wall outlet, car charging stations, gas-powered Smart Generators*, and even solar panels for maximum flexibility! It is also compatible with EcoFlow’s mobile application for easy setup and management.

The Ultimate EcoFlow Delta Pro Portable Power Station Review: Is It Worth the Investmen

Another feature that makes the Delta pro different from most other power stations is its inverter design. The inverter on this model is specifically designed to provide clean, perfect sine wave power.

While some inverters (power converters that change direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC)) use a modified sine wave that can cause buzzing speakers and overheating of sensitive electronics, the Delta pro’s design ensures it produces a clean, perfectly smooth power output that is healthy for all your gadgets.

It has a bright, easily read display that shows you detailed information about the power in the battery, how long it can run for, and other important factors. It also has a Bluetooth connection to allow you to control the device from your phone.