Biohazard Cleanup Services


Biohazard Cleanup Services involve cleaning, sanitizing and deodorizing areas where a crime, injury or death has occurred. This can include chemical spills, blood, animal or human remains and sewage contamination. These types of situations require specialized emergency cleanup crews with training in proper disposal methods and safety procedures.

What are the three types of biohazard?

While some homeowner’s insurance policies cover the cost of professional biohazard cleaning services, others don’t. If you are unsure whether your policy includes this coverage, speak to a representative about the details of your specific situation. Regardless of whether the cause of the biohazard is a violent crime, unattended death, or hoarding, professional cleaners have the necessary tools and equipment to disinfect and deodorize contaminated spaces and restore them to their original condition. Click here

In addition to offering technical expertise, a reputable biohazard cleanup service should understand the emotional impact of a trauma scene. This will ensure they respond with empathy and respect, minimizing any further trauma to family members.

Other situations that call for biohazard remediation include fecal contamination caused by hoarding or excessive pet urine, which can carry harmful pathogens.