90s Women Fashion

90s women fashion

90s women fashion had a simple, yet chic look. It was rebellious, yet feminine. There were plenty of accessories. This was a time when grunge was popular.

Crop tops were an easy casual wear option. Crop tops were also very popular with plaid shirts. Matching plaids is a fun way to achieve a retro look.

Another big trend in the nineties was sheer clothing. This included asymmetrical hemlines, spaghetti straps, and zippers. The ’90s saw a lot of leopard print.

Grunge flannel was a must-have accessory for this look. Band T-shirts and acid wash or ripped jeans were also a must.

Overalls were another popular casual wear choice. These were worn with turtlenecks or patterned button-ups. An additional accessory was a leather jacket.

Windbreakers with floral patterns were also popular. Often the pants were floor length, and the pockets were bigger.

In the ’90s, oversized jackets were also very popular. You could find them in every color. They were worn by celebrities such as Aaliyah.

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Cargo pants, which were floor-length and often green, were also popular. Sweaters were also a popular choice.

Hoop earrings were still a popular accessory. Unlike necklaces, they were smaller. To add some flair, you can wear a plastic watch and a pair of hoop earrings.

Besides the big trends of the nineties, you can also make a few small changes to create your own unique look. If you are more comfortable with a clean, minimal style, consider a t-shirt dress.